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Applied KinesiologyTouch for Health978087516871545.0048.38
AnatomyTrail Guide To The Body978099878506675.4981.15
AnatomyTrail Guide to the Body: Student Workbook978099146667225.7027.63
Body Centered TherapyPower of Focusing978157224044513.7414.77
Business & WellnessBusiness Mastery, 5th Edition97818829805940.0043.00
Cranial Sacral 1Craniosacral Therapy Vol 1978093961601569.9575.20
Cranial Sacral 2Craniosacral Therapy Vol 1978093961601569.9575.20
Lymphatic Drainage 1Guide to Lymph Drainage Mass.,
2nd Edition
Massage 1 – SwedishFundamentals of Therapeutic Massage 6e, 6th Edition9780323661836100.41107.94
Massage 2 – Deep TissueMedical Conditions and Massage Therapy978078176922881.9988.14
Massage Tier 2The Educated Heart, 4th Edition978149634731230.0032.25

Massage Level 3

Fundamentals of Therapeutic Massage 6e, 6th Edition978032335374890.9597.77
Massage Level 3Condition-Specific Massage Therapy978158255807378.9984.91
Oncology Massage Level 1Medicine Hands, 3rd Edition978184409090737.0039.78
Palpation of AnatomyTrail Guide To The Body978098297865867.9973.09
Palpation of AnatomyTrail Guide to the Body: Student Workbook978098297866526.9929.01
PhysiologyApplied Anatomy and Physiology for Manual Therapists978160547655177.9983.84
Sports Massage 1Therapeutic Massage in Athletes978078174269674.9980.61

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