Parent Resources

At the heart of Colorado School of Healing Arts (CSHA), we warmly welcome students and their families into our community, guiding them through the journey of discovery in the art and science of massage therapy. We aim to offer our students and parents resources to learn more about the school, enrollment, financial aid, and everything else they might need to know as they research various education options. We specialize in offering a comprehensive curriculum relevant to the current industry standards of massage therapy, and we’re dedicated to providing extensive massage therapy program parent resources so families can make the decision that’s right for them. 


Admission Process and Programs 

Students aiming to enroll must submit an application and a copy of their GED, high school diploma, or transcript. We offer a hybrid program consisting of online and in-person classes. The eligibility of our financial aid programs is income-based and includes a few other factors. Our tuition fee for the program is $11,880, and the total cost is $13,940.17. 


Financial Aid  

Our goal is to help our community by providing Federal Student Loans and Grants to those who qualify.  The Title IV programs that are available include: 

  • Pell Grants-income based 
  • Subsidized Loans-interest free loans while attending classes at least half-time. 
  • Unsubsidized Loans-interest bearing loans while in school. 
  • PLUS Loans-parents may be eligible to borrow additional education loans to support their adult children to attend school. 


Employment Opportunities 

All of our CSHA graduates receive career services. We are dedicated to offering tools and resources for the success of all our graduates and students. Some ways we assist students include: 


  • Providing the current listings of massage therapy opportunities 
  • Helping students plan their career goals  
  • Helping students in their job search 
  • Providing you with information about options in the massage therapy field. 


CHSA is committed to offering the best education to the students for a successful future. Contact us for any questions you have or to acquire more massage therapy program parent resources. 

The Colorado School of Healing Arts has a long standing reputation in the field of Massage Therapy education.  We cater to Denver and the broader Front Range community. Our school delivers outstanding programs, equipping students with the expertise for a thriving massage therapy career. Whether you're venturing into this gratifying field or advancing your current skills through continuing education, trust the Colorado School of Healing Arts to guide you towards holistic health and wellness.