Trauma Touch Therapy™ Level 1

Course Description

Explore the implementation of touch, movement and breathing exercises without retraumatization of the client. Develop appropriate client/therapist boundaries to insure safety. Recognize the somatic effects of trauma.

Course Information

 Contact Hours 50
 PrerequisitesHave 500 Hours Massage Therapy training or
Be an approved adjunct healthcare provider or
Be a Certified Psychotherapist
 Tuition $825.00
 Materials $10

*In-house, interest free payment plans available

This course is not within the school’s scope of accredited program by ACCSC.

Classes are open for Massage Therapists, students, psychotherapists, or other approved adjuct health care professionals in the US.

Classes are Thursday-Monday from 9am-9pm with plenty of breaks, lunches and dinners built in.  Students are responsible for food and lodging.

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