CSHA provides table, bolsters, and other necessary equipment for in-class instructions. All prices are subject to change. Additional fees are approximations only.

720 Hour Massage Therapy Program

Books / Supplies*
Table Package
Insurance** (cost for administrative fees, student liability, Exam Coach and first year of professional liability insurance)
Lotion/holster kit $49.40 (3 different lotions and a holster)$50.53
Licensure Process (administrative fees, fingerprint and background check)
State License Application Fee
MBLEx Licensing Exam Fee
Additional expenses not included in the enrollment agreement :
Application Fee due at enrollment $50.00
Supplies (linens, extra lotion, plain black shirt for clinic, pens, paper, etc) approximate cost by student as needed$100.00

  • Non-Financial Aid students are required to pay a $1250 deposit at time of enrollment.

*Prices reflect an approximate cost. Specialties and electives books and materials are not included in the listed prices.
**Cost for student insurance during program and 1 year of professional practice.

Advanced Training and Continuing Education Tuition

See page 2 of  Tuition Addendum

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