Student Clinic Services

Student Clinic Services

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Description of Services

CSHA students participating in the student massage clinic have completed all but the last quarter of their studies. This is still a learning process and constructive feedback throughout the massage is appreciated. A few minutes of your time will be required to fill out a student evaluation form after your session.


Types of Massage Offered


Swedish or traditional massage is a combination of various movements and strokes on the body. Swedish strokes vary in depth and rhythm according to the results sought, including stimulation, relaxation and rehabilitation. They also take into account such factors as age, health status, strength and certain conditions. It is popular in health spas and sports clubs. Persons suffering from stress, decreased circulation and muscle fatigue often find relief from this modality.


Therapeutic massage includes deep tissue, neuromuscular, and various hydrotherapy techniques. It intervenes in the cycle developed by trauma and/or injury, soft tissue dysfunction and lack of movement often accompanied by pain. Therapeutic massage is often used in chiropractic offices and medical massage clinics.


This approach uses a variety of the above methods. The student will also blend the styles he or she knows and then design the massage for the individual client. CSHA offers many different massage modalities in the student’s training. The student may incorporate one or more of these methods into the client’s individual massage session.