CSHA COVID Protocols

11/19/2020 Email reminders to the CSHA community:

In-Person labs, student clinic and classroom reminders:

    • Our Phase One Protocol does not allow for massage with the therapist sitting or standing at the head of the table when the client is face up.
    • No head or neck work with the client supine.
    • Prone work on the head and neck is allowed with therapist STANDING to the side.
    • When working on arms to neck with client supine. Client’s head turns away from therapist.  Therapist stands at the side of table at arms length.
    • NO Intra Oral work (Massage 3)
    • Students and Faculty are all six feet apart in the classroom except when at the massage table.
    • Massage tables are six feet apart
    • In Restrooms, kitchen and deck maintain six feet apart.
    • If at all possible leave the building to eat.
    • Students and staff may eat in the building if needed. Remove mask while eating/drinking and immediately replace. Eat six or more feet apart.  Eat on deck if weather permits.
    • No socializing in or around the building.
  • MASKS!!!! Thank you!
    • Wear a clean surgical mask when possible OR
    • A cloth mask with a mask filter or a coffee filter OR
    • Two cloth masks (4 layers + of cloth)
    • NO gaiters/buffs and no masks with valves.
  • SCREENING Gratitude!
    • Everyone has been great about self screening and participating in the CSHA screening process!  Thank you!
    • Please continue to monitor your health and contact us if you have any symptoms or any exposures.
    • Please let us know if anyone in your household or anyone you socialize with has a positive test or an exposure.
    • Follow CSHA protocols and the guidelines in the CO COVID Red column of the attached chart so that we all stay safe and well!
    • Wear your mask, wash your hands, stay safe!  We love you!

11/9/2020 Updated Mask Policy

Please wear a surgical mask in the building to your class, appointment, or while working for the entire time you are in the building. If you are not able to wear a surgical mask* the following is required:

  • Two face masks (Four or more layers of cloth/material).
  • One face mask with a filter (Two or more layers of cloth with a coffee filter or a mask filter).
  • Not allowed: a neck gaiter/buff or mask made from the same materials
  • Not allowed: masks with valves are not allowed

*The school has a limited quantity of surgical masks and coffee filters, so we are encouraging everyone to show up with their own surgical mask or the appropriate alternative.

CSHA is currently in Phase One Re-entry

Colorado School of Healing Arts is responsible for providing a safe and healthy environment for its students, staff, faculty and clinic clients. This involves making sure the school community in its entirety, understands and practices effective and consistently applied infection control protocols.

Everybody is responsible for infection control:

  • Infection control begins with taking personal responsibility.
  • Be aware of the choices and decisions that may place you at increased risk of exposure to infection at home, work, and school.
  • Everyone needs to follow proper disinfection and sanitation procedures at all times regardless of the location.

“Massage Therapists carry a responsibility to create an environment in which the potential for a pathogen to pass from one person to another is as close to zero as possible.  Body workers are at risk for liability if stringent standards of cleanliness and sanitation are ignored.” Ruth Werner

Chain of Transmission:  Transmission of pathogens and subsequent infection occurs when the following six elements are present:

  1. The Infectious Agentvirus, bacteria, or microorganisms.
  2. Exits a Reservoirperson, water or food.
  3. Through a Portal of Exitsecretions (coughing, sneezing, breathing), skin, blood.
  4. Travels via a Mode of Transmissiontouch, contact with droplets or airborne.
  5. Through an Entry Pointmucus membranes (nose, eyes), respiratory tract (lungs), gastrointestinal tract (food-wash hands before eating), broken skin (wear gloves).
  6. To a Host – you, your family, your friends, your clients, other students, staff, or faculty.

By eliminating any of the six elements through effective infection control measures, transmission does not occur.

Routine precautions are based on the idea that everyone is potentially infectious, and the same standards of practice must be applied routinely in all home, school, work, classroom and clinical settings regardless of condition or infectious status. This is how we break the chain of transmission!

The number one source of all microorganism cross contamination is by contact with human hands.  The best measure to prevent the spread of infection is hand washing.

COVID-19 is also easily spread through breathing air droplets containing the virus. Wearing a mask has been shown to protect others from your own droplets and aerosolized breath. Distancing is also very helpful.

COVID-19 infection can result in

  • no symptoms (asymptomatic),
  • temporary loss of taste or smell,
  • skin conditions (rash or toe lesions),
  • mild(er) symptoms similar to a cold or flu,
  • debilitating symptoms with new joint or muscle aches, high fevers, severe fatigue, dizziness and shortness of breath, with lengthy recovery times,
  • admissions to ER, ICU or hospital with complications, multiple organ infections, blood clots, cardiovascular symptoms, lung scarring with or without need for mechanical support in breathing
  • and death.

People at higher risk for more serious infections are over 65, with compromised immune systems or other high risk factors/medical conditions –but ANYONE of any age or health condition may experience any of the above reactions.

Because this virus is very contagious and because its symptoms can be life threatening to high and low risk individuals alike, following routine precautions is crucial.

The following protocol is for Phase One of returning to class. We developed these protocols based on the best information on infection control from CDC, WHO, ABMP, OSHA, FSMTB and from the requirements of State and National agencies.  We will continue to Zoom classes that can be zoomed  (lecture classes: Anatomy-AN, Physiology-PH, Business and Wellness -BW)

While there are NO guarantees, following these protocols will maximize safety and minimize the spread of ANY diseases.

Please check in with yourself, your doctor and your loved ones to assess your risk and comfort levels.  Please contact us with ANY concerns.  Possible options for students, during this time, are a Leave of Absence or no penalty withdrawals.

Prior to entering the building:

  • Wear your name tag – You will get a colored sticker for the day, once screened.
  • Bring only necessary items needed for class into the building.
  • Wear mask, or cloth face covering or surgical mask for duration of the time you are in the building. Bring an extra mask “just in case”.
  • Shirts – you may want to bring a second shirt to change into “just in case”.
  • Leave rings and bracelets at home or wash/sanitize separately each time you wash/sanitize your hands.
  • Bring your own hand sanitizer if you have it. Must be 60%+ alcohol – no essential oils.
  • Bring your own Massage lotion.
  • Sanitize your phone and any other items you bring to school.
  • Bring clean sheets in a clean plastic bag. Bring two extra plastic bags: one for used sheets and the other to store clothes while on the table.
  • Bring signed Student/Staff/Faculty COVID-19 contract/waiver by first day back. (see attached).

Screening at the front door/lobby:

  • Wait at front door for screening – six feet apart from the next person. Employee may enter through backdoor and immediately go to front door to be screened.
  • If no screener, call front office and/or phone on white board and wait at door.
  • Classroom start times will be staggered in Phase One.
  • Please, no hugs! DO wave, curtsy, bow, mime air hugs and greet with Namaste.
  • Screening includes:
    • Temperature check
    • COVID-19 Intake questions
    • Receiving sticker of the day to attach to your name badge.
  • Only one screening needed per day. You may request additional temp screening if needed.

Building Accessibility:

  • Get in and Get out as soon as your meeting/ class/ lab/ shift/ grading is done. Go home! Wash your hands! We love you!  We will continue to commune as a community in all distance ways possible.
  • Food – Kitchen and faculty lounge and deck unavailable for eating and socializing. You may store food or snacks in the refrigerator, but please enjoy eating it outside the building where you may remove your mask. For any medical concerns see administration for options. Check with Administration if going outside is not an option or due to weather concerns.
  • Restroom – Only two people in the restroom at a time.
  • Elevator – One person on at a time. Use tissue to touch buttons.
  • Drinking fountain – off limits.
  • Stair landing – no socializing or sitting in window seats.
  • Stair railings – if possible ascend and descend without contact with railings.
  • Doorknobs, light switches and all high contact area – minimize contact, sanitize.
  • Hallways – keep 6 feet distance from others when possible, no gathering in halls.
  • Library and Lab – available for make up, labs, school research only. Studying or study groups or socializing is done outside of school or on Zoom.
  • No change available for the vending machines. Use credit card or bring your own change. Use paper towel or tissue to touch buttons.
  • Smoker table on SE corner of building maintain social distancing
  • We ask that you leave the building as soon as you are done to avoid group gatherings.


  • Wash/Sanitize hands prior to entering classroom/lab.
  • Classroom/lab doors to remain open or slightly ajar to minimize contact with door knobs and maximize air flow.
  • Doorknobs, light switches, and thermostat are only contacted by teachers and sanitized after contact.
  • Ten people or less in each classroom inclusive of teacher and T. A.
  • Students and teachers sit 6 feet apart, unless working at the table.
  • Tables are six feet apart when practicing massage.
  • Masks are worn at all time during class, trades, labs, as both student therapist and student client.
  • Phones – students and teachers turn off phones and put away, out of sight. To minimize additional sanitation issues, phone pouches will not be available–.
  • Massage routines are modified as follows – no intra-oral, no face massage, neck and scalp is massaged when client is prone. Intra-oral massage as self massage. Talking limited to massage feedback.
  • Demo massages with as much distancing as possible.
  • When teachers are giving feedback to student therapist at the table, as much as possible minimize contact and conversation.
  • Backpacks/bags in cubbies (off the floor).
  • Students minimize contact with surfaces, chairs, massage tables (other than ones they are using.)
  • Bring your own pillows, blankets, sheets, notebooks, books, pens. Avoid sharing tools.
  • Sit in folding chairs, not on the floor.
  • Whiteboard markers, red pens – must be sanitized.
  • Breaks and lunches- please exit the building to enjoy fresh air and have a break from the mask. Walk together with appropriate distance. Please eat outside, at restaurants, in your car, at the park, at home (if you live near by). Check with Administration if going outside is not an option or due to weather concerns.
  • Labs – In Phase One, for labs (Massage1, Massage 2, Massage 3) work with classmates  or another active student. NO non-students at this time.
  • Don’t sit on the floor, Don’t lean on the walls, Don’t sit on lecture tables.

Hygiene protocols:

  • Wash/Sanitize hands prior to entering classroom, office, kitchen. Wash hands for 20 seconds vigorously while singing. ♫ ♫
  • Wash/sanitize hands before and after all body work (obviously).
  • Wash/sanitize hands if you touch your face/hair etc during bodywork.
  • Wash/sanitize lotion bottles and water bottles regularly.
  • Sanitize your phone regularly.
  • Curtains in classroom and lab – pull curtains using the large clips. Wash your hands before and after you touch the curtain or clip. Disinfect curtain/and clip.
  • In lab, class, kitchen, offices sanitize anything you touch – Allow disinfectant to sit for 2 minutes and then wipe off any excess:
    • Massage tables-
    • Bolsters,
    • Face cradles
    • Desks and lecture tables
    • Chairs/stools
    • Towel dispensers handles
    • Skeletons and random bones you touched.
    • Door knobs, light switches, thermostat
    • Cubbies and lockers
    • Refrigerator handles, microwave handles.
    • Watch your hands like hawks! So you can sanitize what you touch!
  • Cleaning services will do additional cleaning, vacuum floors and empty trash once a day (Sunday through Friday).
  • Staff will also do additional daily cleaning and sanitizing.

Other Phase One Protocols

  • Follow Safer at Home guidelines at home and workplace to maximize infection control measures.
  • Sneeze or cough into mask and elbow and then sanitize hands. Replace mask if needed.
  • Be honest about symptoms and exposure to not put your community at risk, to safeguard the school being able to remain open and your job / school status. Note: Not being honest is grounds for dismissal/termination.
  • You are all accountable to each other for supporting the practice of these guidelines. Contact Chris, Kris, Amy or staff to support all of us in following through on these requirements.

Office hours for administration:

  • Minimize in person contact. Set up appointment ahead of time.
  • Maximize communication by phone or zoom.
  • Enter office space with permission. Maintain six foot distance.

Students, Staff, and Faculty will be asked to sign and comply with the following waiver:

CSHA COVID-19 Student/Staff/Faculty Contract/Waiver 

Please read and sign below that you agree to follow these requirements:

I will honor social distancing guidelines and will wear a face covering as directed while at Colorado School of Healing Arts (CSHA).

I will wait to be screened at front door, wear my name badge visibly to display daily screening sticker.

I will practice meticulous hand hygiene both at home and at school.

I will honor all new COVID-19 related school protocols to keep students, instructors, and administrators safe.

I will abide by all new COVID – 19 related student lab, clinic and demonstration protocols to keep clinic clients, instructors, and fellow students safe.

I agree to inform the appropriate administrator and will NOT come to school if I become ill or experience any of these symptoms:

  • Fever of 100°F or higher in the last 24 hours.
  • Respiratory or flu-like symptoms in the last 14 days including but not limited to: chills, cough, sore throat, new joint or new muscle aches, headache.
  • Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing or chest tightness, fatigue or dizziness.
  • New loss of taste or smell.
  • New rashes or lesions, especially on the feet.

If I become ill while at school, I will notify my teacher and/or an administrator and leave school immediately.

I will update the appropriate administrator as to my health status as it changes.

If I become ill, I will be 3 days symptom-free and at least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared before returning to school. 

If I test positive for COVID-19, I will notify the school immediately and may be asked to communicate with local health departments to begin contact tracing procedures. I will not return to school until:

  • IF Symptomatic: At least 72 hours have passed since recovery, which includes resolution of fever without medication; and improvement in respiratory symptoms (cough, shortness of breath); and at least 10 days have passed since symptoms first appeared.
  • If Asymptomatic: 10 days have passed since my positive test (assuming no symptoms have arisen since that test; if symptoms have arisen, follow symptomatic guidelines).

If someone in my household tests positive for COVID-19 or I have been in contact with anyone in the last 14 days who has been diagnosed with COVID19, I will self-quarantine for 14 days and will work with my instructors for continuing my learning plan at home (Zoom) as applicable.

I understand that any of my diagnoses or health updates provided to the school will be handled in a confidential manner within the confines of local and state health department regulations for pandemic protocols.

If I need to stay home due to illness or exposure, I will work with my instructors for continuing my learning plan at home by Zoom as applicable. If unable to attend any in-person or zoom classes for 14 consecutive days, I understand I may be placed on a Leave of Absence.

I understand there are NO guarantees, and that while following these protocols will maximize safety and minimize the spread of any diseases, I may still be exposed to COVID-19.  I will take full responsibility for my health and will not hold the school accountable if I contract COVID-19. I will contact the school with ANY concerns to discuss my options.

By signing, I acknowledge that I understand and agree to adhere to this student, staff, faculty COVID-19 contract/waiver.