Everyone at Colorado School of Healing Arts has the right to feel valued, respected and safe. CSHA is committed to creating a safe learning environment and teaching our student therapists how to create safety and trust so our clients can relax into the vulnerability of the healing process. We learn anatomy, physiology and pathology so that we can assess our client’s needs, create no harm and modify the massage appropriately for local and systemic contraindications. This allows us to create treatment plans that are most effective at helping our clients. We recognize that this learning is not easy.

We also recognize that we must have an ongoing commitment to learn about the pathology of systemic racism. It harms all of us, but especially our students, clients and graduates of color. We need to understand the pathology of systemic racism so we can make the necessary changes and continue our commitment to the healing arts. We need to have the difficult conversations. We will make mistakes and have growth pains. AND we have the responsibility to reinforce a culture of caring; where hate, racism, bigotry and discrimination have no power. We value diversity and draw strength from our diversity. We must stand up for one another, learn about the pathology of racism and how to work towards healing.

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    The Colorado School of Healing Arts has a long standing reputation in the field of Massage Therapy education.  We cater to Denver and the broader Front Range community. Our school delivers outstanding programs, equipping students with the expertise for a thriving massage therapy career. Whether you're venturing into this gratifying field or advancing your current skills through continuing education, trust the Colorado School of Healing Arts to guide you towards holistic health and wellness.