AOS Degree

AOS Degree

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Program Overview

This program exceeds 750 hours and is currently ineligible for Title IV funds

This comprehensive degree program develops a practical working knowledge of the anatomical and physiological sciences necessary for successful and rewarding employment as a massage therapist. The required specialized courses challenge students to acquire the proficiency and competence necessary to this field. As part of their professional development, students are prepared to build a clientele, create a successful business, or secure job placement.

Upon successful completion of program requirements, students will receive an Associate of Occupational Studies (AOS) Degree in Massage Therapy.


Program Objectives

  • To prepare students for entry level positions as a massage therapist.
  • Demonstrate a practical working knowledge of the anatomical and physiological sciences.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in several advanced modalities.



PrerequisiteHigh School Graduate or equivalent.
Major Courses
(Class ID)
Body Centered Therapy (CMT 132)
Clinic Massage (CMT 140)
Integrative Massage (CMT 142)
Massage Level 1 (CMT 110)
Massage Level 2 (CMT 120)
Massage Level 3 (CMT 130)
Neuroanatomy (BIO 230)
Palpation of Anatomy (CMT 122)
Pathology for Massage Therapists (BIO 210)
Sports Massage Level 1 (SPM 130)
General Education
(Class ID)
Anatomy (BIO 110)
Business (BUS 140)
Diet & Nutrition (BIO 140)
Physiology (BIO 120)
RequiredSelect two (2) areas of specialization and a minimum of 16 quarter credit hours.

Cranial Sacral
Lymphatic Drainage
Spa Arts and Sciences
Trauma Touch Therapy™

(Class ID)
Select a minimum of 6.5 quarter hour electives if specialized courses are less than 22.5 quarter credit hours.

Applied Kinesiology (ELE 201)
Aromatherapy (ELE 130)
Healing Touch Level 1 (ELE 242)
Hydrostone (ELE 246)
Infant Massage (ELE 136)
Intro to Polarity (ELE 138)
Prenatal Massage (ELE 134)
Seated Massage Level 1 (ELE 132)



93 credit hours

Minimum of 6.5 elective quarter credit hours if specialized courses total less than 22.5 quarter credit hours.

Completion: 27 months (maximum), 24 months (minimum)

Former CSHA students wanting to transfer into the degree program must meet all equivalent course work and degree requirements and must complete a minimum of 23.5 quarter credit hours in the degree program.

Non-CSHA students wanting to transfer comparable course work into the degree program must meet existing transfer requirements and complete a minimum of 25% of the required degree curriculum at CSHA.


Gainful Employment Information (Data Reported in 2016)

Name and Standard Occupational Classification for this programMassage Therapists; 31-9011.00
U.S. Dept. of Labor’s O*Net for this programClick Here
On-time graduation rate for this program76%
Job placement rate93%
Median loan debt incurred (prior to ineligibility)Title IV: $11,067; Private: $0
Tuition and fee chargesSee AOS Tuition
Graduation & Placement RatesSee chart
Gainful Employment InformationClick Here