Why Choose Massage Therapy as a Career in Colorado?

If you are interested in health and wellness and enjoy helping others, a massage therapy career in Colorado might be right for you! The rewarding feeling that comes along with improving the lives of people physically and mentally is something many professionals love about the job, but that’s just one of the many benefits of being a massage therapist. Here are a few more reasons you should consider becoming a massage therapist:

Benefit #1: You’ll have control over your schedule.

As a massage therapist, you’ll be able to set your own hours and change them from week to week. With more control over when they work and where they work, massage therapy professionals can achieve a much better work-life balance, which is something everybody wants!

Benefit #2: Massage therapist jobs can be very flexible!

Another one of the main benefits of being a massage therapist is how flexible the career is. Massage therapists can work in multiple locations and a variety of environments, meeting other professionals and growing their network.

Benefit #3: You’ll be improving people’s lives.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of working as a massage therapist is being able to help people feel better physically and mentally. Massage therapists make a difference in their clients’ lives, and they can even form strong relationships with them. You’ll appreciate how the job gives you the opportunity to directly change a client’s life for the better.

Benefit #4: The job market is strong.

It’s estimated that the number of massage therapists will grow by 21% by 2023, so the job market is strong. With massage therapists in such high demand, you’ll have great job security.

Benefit #5: CSHA offers a rich menu of continuing education courses to enhance your practice for years to come.

One of the greatest benefits of being a massage therapist are all the ways CSHA helps you advance your career and learn more about the industry. For those of you looking for consistent continuing education from a reliable source that has been serving this industry for more than 35 years, the Colorado School of Healing Arts is your proven provider of a wide range of modalities scheduled year round!

If you think massage therapy is your calling, our 720 Hour Massage Therapy Program will teach you all of the core competencies you need to become successful. The program exceeds the minimum number of hours required for massage therapy training, and we offer a variety of financial aid options to simply and expedite the process. Get started by applying today!

The Colorado School of Healing Arts has a long standing reputation in the field of Massage Therapy education.  We cater to Denver and the broader Front Range community. Our school delivers outstanding programs, equipping students with the expertise for a thriving massage therapy career. Whether you're venturing into this gratifying field or advancing your current skills through continuing education, trust the Colorado School of Healing Arts to guide you towards holistic health and wellness.