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Empowering Futures: Navigating the Trade School vs College Decision at Colorado School of Healing Arts

As high school seniors stand at the crossroads of their educational paths, the decision between attending a four-year college and enrolling in a trade school becomes pivotal. The “trade school vs college” choice — often influenced by considerations of future earnings potential, the cost of education, personal experiences, and career outlooks — carries significant weight in shaping their futures.


College vs Trade School: A Comparative Look


A four-year college offers a broad educational experience, with a focus on theoretical knowledge across various disciplines. This path is particularly suited for careers requiring a deep understanding of subjects, such as medicine, engineering, or academia. The college experience comes with a higher price tag and a longer duration before entering the workforce.


On the other hand, when evaluating “trade school vs college,” it’s clear that the CSHA specializes in skill-based training, preparing students for a career in a fraction of the time and at a lower cost. One of the key benefits of CSHA is the direct alignment between the curriculum and the demands of the job market, ensuring graduates are job-ready upon completion. Furthermore, the smaller class sizes typically found at CSHA allow for more personalized instruction and hands-on experience.


Another benefit of trade school comes into play here: graduates can enter the workforce earlier, allowing them to begin saving and investing sooner. Fields such as massage therapy, have shown robust demand and growth, making CSHA an attractive option for many.


Colorado School of Healing Arts: Bridging Paths


For those drawn to the healing professions, the Colorado School of Healing Arts (CSHA) offers a nationally recognized education and hands-on experience. As a leader in massage therapy education, CSHA presents an appealing alternative for students passionate about helping others and seeking a fulfilling career without the extended time and financial commitment of a four-year degree. Here, the benefits of CSHA are manifest in the targeted, practical training that enables graduates to quickly transition into professional roles in Massage Therapy.


Massage Therapy, as a career, provides for personal satisfaction but also growing demand and competitive earnings. The holistic approach at CSHA ensures graduates are well-prepared to meet the health and wellness needs of their communities, making a tangible difference in people’s lives.


Deciding between a college and a trade school like CSHA hinges on your career goals, learning preferences, and the lifestyle you envision. For those intrigued by the healing arts and eager to embark on a rewarding career journey, a specialized institution like CSHA could be the perfect fit, offering a unique blend of personal fulfillment and professional opportunity.


As you weigh the pros and cons of “trade school vs college,” consider where your passions lie and how best to turn them into a rewarding career. The path you choose now will lay the foundation for your future. At CSHA, we’re committed to helping you build it with care, backed by 35+ years of expertise and passion.

Colorado School of Healing Arts – Career In A Year

You just completed high school, you don’t feel like you are prepared to step into a 4-year college plan right away and might actually be considering taking a year to look at your options. At the Colorado School of Healing Arts you get to pursue a specific calling and/or you are considering stepping into a vocational program that can provide you with a Career in a Year (or less)

Discover Growth Opportunities

By allowing yourself some space to reflect on your personal and professional goals, you may discover a fruitful career at your fingertips. Continuing education and finding your areas of expertise are strongly encouraged upon completion of your initial training but you will be well equipped to enter the workforce with the initial massage therapy training program.

Get Flexible Work Hours

Embarking on a career as a massage therapist opens up a realm of flexible working hours, allowing you to tailor your schedule around classes, studies, or other life pursuits. With the freedom to set your own appointments, you can work during evenings or weekends, making it a seamless fit for students eager to manage their education while kickstarting a rewarding career in a wellness-focused field.

Experience Diverse Environments

Massage therapists typically work in a diverse setting where they meet with different types of people every day. You might get travel opportunities if you decide to be a self-employed therapist. There is so much versatility through the ever-expanding field of massage therapy and the modalities that you want to bring to your massage clientele are endless. The work of a Cranial Sacral therapist is undoubtedly different from that of an athlete’s massage therapist. Settings could include spas, healthcare centers, sports facilities, among others.

Learn in a Safe Environment

At CSHA, we are committed to fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment for all students, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or other individual characteristics. We promote diversity, equity, and inclusion, ensuring that every student feels safe and respected. By promoting a culture of respect, understanding, and open dialogue, CSHA ensures that its educational setting is welcoming and safe for all members of its community.

Find Satisfaction In Others’ Well-being

When you’re a massage therapist providing services to others, you’re serving people who seek relief from their discomfort. You become a part of holistic care where you can help people experience enhanced physical and mental states. This approach can bring high satisfaction in your career and life.

Get Hands-On Training

You can easily enroll into a program that works for you. We are here to serve your career goals which include helping those in your local community.

Promising Job Market

Right now, there’s a high demand for professional massage therapists in the country because people are now more aware of the benefits of therapies. Massage therapy training is one of the excellent one-year programs for careers.

Become A Professional Massage Therapist

A massage therapy career can offer you a fulfilling income, job satisfaction, and personal freedom. Learn the art of massage at Colorado School of Healing Arts, which provides job placement assistance for graduates, a service not always offered by traditional four-year universities. With over 35 years of experience, CSHA has been a proven provider of healing art training. Begin your journey with Colorado School of Healing Arts today.

The Importance of Practical Training in Massage Therapy Education

While theoretical knowledge can serve as the basis to help one learn massage therapy, practical experience helps bring your skills to life. Aspiring massage therapists start their educational path by combining theoretical knowledge with real-world application. It’s essential for every massage therapist to gain ample practice to ensure they’re never left uncertain in real-world situations.

Hands-on training has numerous other advantages, the most essential of which is repeated practice. By consistently practicing and exploring diverse massage techniques and body areas, one can hone their skills. This helps massage therapists enhance their skill set and versatility.

Another big advantage is faculty can support students integrating all of levels of massage technique learned in their massage program. During practical training, instructors can provide invaluable feedback and support the students with their confidence and conscience touch.

You will also learn how to interact with clients during the training. Every client has unique needs and will seek your expertise in distinct ways. Through hands-on experience, therapists become adept at recognizing individual preferences, concerns, and health backgrounds. Building rapport and actively addressing feedback ensures more tailored and fulfilling sessions.

Hands-on experience allows therapists to trust their instincts throughout sessions. Intuition supplements technical skills, allowing therapists to address underlying issues and provide clients with a transformational experience.

At the Colorado School of Healing Arts, we offer students the opportunity to hone their skills. Our student massage clinic gives them firsthand experience serving the public, contributing valuable services to the community.

At CSHA, we firmly believe in a comprehensive learning approach. Beyond the technicalities of massage techniques, our program emphasizes the significance of interpersonal skills and understanding clients’ individual needs. The invaluable experience at our student massage clinic not only bolsters their practical application but also instills a deep sense of empathy and professionalism. Our dedicated faculty, coupled with real-world exposure, prepares our students to step confidently into the world of therapeutic healing, making meaningful contributions to the well-being of those they serve.

Are you considering a formal education in massage therapy? Think about joining the Colorado School of Healing Arts to acquire the essential training to assist clients in healing and relaxation. Reach out to our team now to learn more.

The Benefits of Oncology Massage for Cancer Patients

Oncology massage, offered by the Colorado School of Healing Arts (CSHA), is a specialized form of massage therapy tailored for cancer patients. This unique approach blends compassion with specialized massage techniques, offering numerous benefits to those battling cancer.

Undergoing specialized training is paramount for therapists to ensure the safety and effectiveness of oncology massage. Factors like the right amount of pressure, potential adjustments due to tumor locations, and the duration of the massage session are crucial considerations.

While traditional cancer treatments primarily target the tumor, oncology massage focuses on the holistic well-being of the patient. The dedicated attention from a therapist offers a break from clinical settings, providing a chance for patients to feel nurtured. This can be particularly valuable as many cancer patients experience heightened stress and anxiety. A relaxing massage can soothe the central nervous system, providing the body with a conducive environment to heal and combat the disease.

Moreover, oncology massage offers symptomatic relief. While it doesn’t replace conventional treatments, it can complement them by alleviating symptoms like nausea, pain, or peripheral neuropathy. The therapy can potentially reduce pain perception and even the need for pain medications.

The emotional toll of battling cancer is immense. Therefore, strategies to mitigate the associated fatigue are essential. Emerging research suggests that massage therapy plays a pivotal role in combating fatigue experienced by cancer patients.

At CSHA, within our continuing education program, we offer a specialized modality for Massage Therapists. This training equips them to better assist clients battling cancer, enhancing their approach with a more informed and compassionate touch. Students gain hands-on experience assisting individuals with cancer and are trained to deliver therapy that’s guided by physicians and centered around the patient’s needs.

Cancer treatments, though life-saving, can often feel invasive. In contrast, the gentle touch of massage therapy offers a positive, comforting experience during the challenging journey.

For those passionate about health, wellness, and making a tangible difference in people’s lives, consider pursuing training at the Colorado School of Healing Arts. With over 35 years of experience, CSHA is committed to equipping its students with industry-leading knowledge. Contact us  today and to learn more about this incredible course!


Why Choose Massage Therapy as a Career in Colorado?

If you are interested in health and wellness and enjoy helping others, a massage therapy career in Colorado might be right for you! The rewarding feeling that comes along with improving the lives of people physically and mentally is something many professionals love about the job, but that’s just one of the many benefits of being a massage therapist. Here are a few more reasons you should consider becoming a massage therapist:

Benefit #1: You’ll have control over your schedule.

As a massage therapist, you’ll be able to set your own hours and change them from week to week. With more control over when they work and where they work, massage therapy professionals can achieve a much better work-life balance, which is something everybody wants!

Benefit #2: Massage therapist jobs can be very flexible!

Another one of the main benefits of being a massage therapist is how flexible the career is. Massage therapists can work in multiple locations and a variety of environments, meeting other professionals and growing their network.

Benefit #3: You’ll be improving people’s lives.

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of working as a massage therapist is being able to help people feel better physically and mentally. Massage therapists make a difference in their clients’ lives, and they can even form strong relationships with them. You’ll appreciate how the job gives you the opportunity to directly change a client’s life for the better.

Benefit #4: The job market is strong.

It’s estimated that the number of massage therapists will grow by 21% by 2023, so the job market is strong. With massage therapists in such high demand, you’ll have great job security.

Benefit #5: CSHA offers a rich menu of continuing education courses to enhance your practice for years to come.

One of the greatest benefits of being a massage therapist are all the ways CSHA helps you advance your career and learn more about the industry. For those of you looking for consistent continuing education from a reliable source that has been serving this industry for more than 35 years, the Colorado School of Healing Arts is your proven provider of a wide range of modalities scheduled year round!

If you think massage therapy is your calling, our 720 Hour Massage Therapy Program will teach you all of the core competencies you need to become successful. The program exceeds the minimum number of hours required for massage therapy training, and we offer a variety of financial aid options to simply and expedite the process. Get started by applying today!

The Colorado School of Healing Arts has a long standing reputation in the field of Massage Therapy education.  We cater to Denver and the broader Front Range community. Our school delivers outstanding programs, equipping students with the expertise for a thriving massage therapy career. Whether you're venturing into this gratifying field or advancing your current skills through continuing education, trust the Colorado School of Healing Arts to guide you towards holistic health and wellness.