The Benefits of Oncology Massage for Cancer Patients

Oncology massage, offered by the Colorado School of Healing Arts (CSHA), is a specialized form of massage therapy tailored for cancer patients. This unique approach blends compassion with specialized massage techniques, offering numerous benefits to those battling cancer.

Undergoing specialized training is paramount for therapists to ensure the safety and effectiveness of oncology massage. Factors like the right amount of pressure, potential adjustments due to tumor locations, and the duration of the massage session are crucial considerations.

While traditional cancer treatments primarily target the tumor, oncology massage focuses on the holistic well-being of the patient. The dedicated attention from a therapist offers a break from clinical settings, providing a chance for patients to feel nurtured. This can be particularly valuable as many cancer patients experience heightened stress and anxiety. A relaxing massage can soothe the central nervous system, providing the body with a conducive environment to heal and combat the disease.

Moreover, oncology massage offers symptomatic relief. While it doesn’t replace conventional treatments, it can complement them by alleviating symptoms like nausea, pain, or peripheral neuropathy. The therapy can potentially reduce pain perception and even the need for pain medications.

The emotional toll of battling cancer is immense. Therefore, strategies to mitigate the associated fatigue are essential. Emerging research suggests that massage therapy plays a pivotal role in combating fatigue experienced by cancer patients.

At CSHA, within our continuing education program, we offer a specialized modality for Massage Therapists. This training equips them to better assist clients battling cancer, enhancing their approach with a more informed and compassionate touch. Students gain hands-on experience assisting individuals with cancer and are trained to deliver therapy that’s guided by physicians and centered around the patient’s needs.

Cancer treatments, though life-saving, can often feel invasive. In contrast, the gentle touch of massage therapy offers a positive, comforting experience during the challenging journey.

For those passionate about health, wellness, and making a tangible difference in people’s lives, consider pursuing training at the Colorado School of Healing Arts. With over 35 years of experience, CSHA is committed to equipping its students with industry-leading knowledge. Contact us ¬†today and to learn more about this incredible course!


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